Posted by: Richard | May 2, 2010

Cycling North of London: Chingford to Sawbridgeworth

What a great day for a ride…last weekend.  This weekend has been rainy and cold (though we still got 15 miles in yesterday on the Thames Path).

I met up my friend Eric at Liverpool Street early.  His special lady decided to ride out to Chingford as she wanted to do 80kms, and our route was only 50kms.  Very impressive stuff.

Fortified with a hot americano, we boarded the train and squeezed our bikes between seats and enjoyed lively discussion for 8am as we sped out of London.

The start of this ride is horrible.  In cities, on roads with traffic.  The first 10km or so had me discouraged that Eric didn’t know what he was doing in choosing this route.  I was very completely wrong though, as Eric’s route delivered!  The next 40 km’s had some exquisite country lanes, downhill speedy curves and a heck of a lot of fun. Best of all, almost no traffic!

I felt great, and had a ton of energy and could have gone for another 20km or more as we pulled into Sawbridgeworth.  I can only attribute this to the fact that I had eaten a big bowl of steel cut oats which were slow to release their energy.  Eric on the other hand was exhausted, and with good reason.  His rear tire was at about 50 psi instead of 105.  He hadn’t complained once all day and had kept up the pace – a very tiring and impressive ride!

The route can be seen here:

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