Posted by: Richard | May 16, 2010

Thames Path Day 5: Staines – Windsor – Maidenhead

Another beautiful day rambling along the river with friends, enjoying the sun and lovely scenery.

We met at 8.30 at Waterloo, and with coffee’s in hand we boarded the 08.50 for Staines.  Alarmingly, our cabin was full of teenagers.  I was once a teenager, and was amazed to see 60 teenagers awake this early.  Unfortunately, these kids were manic and I suspect had been chugging red bull prior to the journey.  What is usually a quiet early weekend ride was instead a 40 minute endurance test of teenager screams!  yikes.  As we exited at Staines we were happy to see the teens go right as we went left down to the Thames.

The route is lovely at this stretch, and our friend Eric kept the conversation interesting while we plodded our 16 miles.  We passed increasingly grand riverbank mansions (the most grand being Windsor Castle).  Arriving in Maidenhead, I was reminded of the tv show ‘The Office’, which was based in Slough (a few miles away), but the general feel was mimicked in Maidenhead.

Our route is here:

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