Posted by: Richard | June 4, 2010

The most dangerous sport…Running

Out running on a beautiful day in Regent’s Park a few days ago I stopped paying attention, enjoying a BBC comedy podcast.  Before I knew it, my foot hit a divot and I went tumbling into a romantic picnic for a couple of Eastern European Tourists.  It was a huge spill that included a somersault on my part.  I realized immediately that I was hurt, as my ankle throbbed painfully.

I’m a bit rough and tumble, and have twisted ankles, torn ligaments and broken too many bones, so I knew when I stood up and almost threw up that this was a bad one.  I tried to put a bit of weight on the ankle, and no luck.  I hopped around the corner (too embarrassing to be where I actually fell) and then was down on the ground again trying to recover.  I knew that my summer running season was over, and I was just hoping I would be able to get back to walking to enjoy this great city.

After the longest 100m hop to the street where I lucked out and found a cab, I got home and got some ice on my ankle.  Calling my GP, he said that I should go to Emergency to ensure my ankle wasn’t broken. I didn’t think it was broken, but I wanted some crutches to help me get around and to school.  So off to the hospital we went.

Arriving at the hospital, we were quickly served. I felt a bit embarrassed that I was in hospital with a running injury.  Thankfully, a few minutes later another runner came in (still in his running gear) with a badly broken arm.  He had also had the misfortune of a fall while running, though his injury turned out worse than mine.  The other patient in ER had fallen off of a truck and was bloodied all over and in and out of consciousness.  It seems strange that with all the dangerous sports out there, it is the guys running around that get injured!

Since the injury, I’ve been a good patient, and am compression, raising my ankle, icing it and taking advil.  I have also bought an AirCast on my sisters recommendation, which should substantially increase healing time….At this point, all I’m hoping for is that I can walk around London soon!

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